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Islam is not a middle eastern religion, rather it’s a complete way of life for every individual, anywhere in the world. The act of converting to Islam is very simple. There is only one requirement; to understand and believe in the six basic pillars of faith in Islam, as you will be making a life long commitment. After that, all you need to become a Muslim is to make the declaration of faith, called Shahadah.

Once you’ve sincerely given your testimony of faith, you are now a Muslim. It’s that simple! As a reward for your intention and commitment to submit to and obey your Creator, Allah will forgive all your sins. It will be as if you have just been born, and are starting life with a completely clean slate.

We invite you to Chat Live or write to us and share your feelings or ask a question about islam. Our team will be delighted to help you find the answers to your questions or help you to accept islam!

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