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Ever Wondered, Why Are We Here?

Purpose of Life Why Are We Here

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? What happens after we die? These are probably just a few questions you may find yourself asking now and again. But you are not alone; many great thinkers have asked these same questions over the centuries and still continue to do so.

Is There a Creator?

Although over recent years there has been an increase in people following the notion of the universe coming into being as a coincidence, there are still many who believe in creation. If something as simple as a slice of toast has to be made, how could something as vast and complicated as the universe be the result of a mere coincidence? It spurs the thought there must be a Creator of all of this.

The watches and clocks we use to tell time are manufactured, but who is the manufacturer of time itself? Every day without fail, there is a sunrise and sunset. Over the years, humans have managed to learn the timings of sunrises and sunsets and publish them in advance. If we think about it more deeply, this wouldn’t be possible without a Creator.

Complicated And Unsettling

It is well known throughout history and past civilizations, humans have believed in a Creator. There have, however, been many differences in the approach to worshipping God and the beliefs involving our actions here on Earth and life after death. Why is it then, people seem to have strayed away from believing in God?

Although there are several religions still being followed today, many people have turned away from the beliefs of their forefathers due to confusion within their religious teachings. For example, the concept of the Trinity in Christianity has been a source of confusion for some. Islam presents simple teachings and answers many questions that attract those searching for the truth.

All this confusion prevents peace of mind. Is there more to life than being born, living however we want, and then dying? Knowing our purpose of life helps achieve happiness. It removes that feeling of something is missing from our life.

Peace Through Purpose of Life

God has told us with a simple statement that we were created to worship Him.

“And I did not create the Jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [Noble Quran 51:56]

We are all born with the innate nature to believe in God and worship Him. Family and surrounding society impact our beliefs as we grow older, but initially, we are all born Muslim – pure and innocent of heart and mind.

A Muslim’s’ purpose of life in this world is to worship God, pass the tests He gives, and work towards earning a place in Paradise where they will stay forever. By recognizing the meaning of life, our relationship with Him strengthens, and peace and tranquility increase in our lives.

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