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The Truth Behind Who Wrote The Quran

Who Wrote The Quran

The Quran, the Islamic book is eight hundred and forty eight pages of rich Arabic text, seventy seven thousand, nine hundred and thirty four words. A formidable book by any standard. So who is the author?

According to Islam, the Quran is a direct revelation from God Himself. But what proofs are there in support of this stance? How can it be accepted as true?

Who Could The Author Be?

Since the Quran is written in Arabic, it follows logically that it could be written by a person familiar with Arabic. Linguists agree the language used in the Quran uses word order, sound and meaning to convey a greater message. Therefore having basic knowledge in Arabic is not enough. The author of the Quran had to have in depth expertise of the language.

Arabs Wrote The Quran?

Looking at any book, one dominant characteristic is the author’s name. However, there is no author’s name attached to the Quran. Surely if an Arab person wrote the Quran his/her name would appear alongside the text? After all who wouldn’t want recognition for such an impressive compilation of scripture?

No one was ever singled out as the author of the Quran. During the time it was revealed, Arabic literature was at its peak. Never before and never since has there been such outstanding productions of literature. There were many superior linguists and poets at the time. Surely a few, or even just one, would have been credited for writing? However no one was ever associated with writing it, nor did anyone stand up to claim authorship.

The teachings of the Quran went against the norms and traditions of Arab culture at the time. Alcohol, gambling, idol worship and ill-treatment of women were rampant. The Quran prohibited all of those behaviors. This makes it unlikely anyone would author something negating the cultural norms of the time. The next possibility could be, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, wrote it.

Did The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Write It?

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was illiterate. He could neither read nor write. Can a person who has never been exposed to the world of reading and writing come up with a book that far surpassed the greatest literature available at the time? Can a person who cannot read nor write compile a book that influenced people and continues to do so today? In fact, Harvard University recognized a verse from the Quran as the best statement of justice. Not just a good expression or a great one but the GREATEST expression of justice.

“Oh you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves, or parents or relatives…” [Noble Quran, 4:135]

Secondly, the Quran was written over a period of 23 years. Would it then be possible to maintain the same writing style over such a long period of time? Writing is often influenced by the author’s current frame of mind. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ went through many trials and tests as well as many joyous occasions. However, the Quran maintains the same style of writing throughout. It shows no external influence of emotions.

The Hadith (traditions narrated by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) and the Quran have two distinct styles. Would it be possible for a man who was illiterate to compose two different forms of literature?

Aside from styles, why would Prophet Muhammad ﷺ want to gain enemies by writing a book that went against all Arab practices of the time? The Prophet ﷺ lost many friends, companions and even family members after the Quran was revealed. He was eventually forced to flee his hometown, Makkah, due to the persecution he faced.

Furthermore, the Quran honors Mary (Mother of Jesus) in such a way that an entire chapter was named after her. Not even a chapter in the Bible was named after Mary. A verse within the Quran states:

“Oh Mary, indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds…” [Noble Quran, 3:42]

Why would the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ give such a high status to a woman other than his mother? Why not someone in his family; wife or daughter? Surely if he had written the Quran he would have bestowed the honor to a relative.

The Quran contains information on a wide variety of topics. Every author writes in his/her field of expertise. It is not possible for one person to write on a wide variety of subjects simultaneously, with the same level of knowledge, understanding, expertise and literary style, let alone an illiterate man.

Timeless Knowledge

Every book written contains knowledge available to the author. As time progresses new discoveries are made and new information is made available. Thus every book written by a human being will eventually become obsolete. The information previously documented will either be proved false or incomplete. Therefore books are often rewritten or new editions are published. However, the Quran was never rewritten nor was it revised.

There is a copy of the Quran in a museum in Uzbekistan, written a few years after the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ death. When compared to the current Qurans in print, there is absolutely no difference. Would it be possible for a book written 1400 years ago to remain unchanged and still have significance today?

Easy Memorization

Every year Muslims set out to memorize the Quran, while many others complete the memorization of the Quran. Which other book containing 848 pages, has anyone been able to memorize? It’s possible for someone with photographic memory to do so. But how can such a vast number be explained?

Moreover many non-Arabic speakers have been able to memorize the Quran. How is it possible that so many people are able to memorize, word for word, a book that is not even in their first language?

A verse in the Quran states:

“And we have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” [Noble Quran, 54:17]

Scientific Miracles

While the Quran is not a book of astronomy, oceanology, zoology, geology, anatomy, physiology and science, it makes reference to various accurate phenomena that science has proved to be true. Take note that most of these discoveries were made towards the end of the 20th century with advanced technology. However, the Quran spoke of them 1400 years ago.


The Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas meet, however they do not mix with each other. Modern science has revealed that different temperatures, salinity and carbon dioxide concentrations act as a barrier between the two seas. However, the Quran already spoke of this barrier:

“He released the two seas, meeting side by side. Between them is a barrier so neither of them transgress” [Noble Quran 55:19]

Anatomy and Physiology

Every living thing is made up of water. A recent discovery brought on by the invention of the microscope, but the Quran already mentioned this:

“….and We separated them and made from water every living thing…” [Noble Quran 21:30]

During the time of the Prophet, ﷺ, there was an oppressive leader named Abu Jahl. In order to warn him, God revealed the following verse in the Quran:

“No indeed! If he does not stop, we will seize him by the forehead, his lying, sinful forehead.” [Noble Quran 96:15-16]

This verse is important because the Quran links voluntary movement and lying to the front part of the brain, known as the frontal lobe. The functions of the frontal lobe were identified using medical imaging equipment which was developed in the 20th century.

These are a few examples of miracles and scientific facts in the Quran that have only recently been discovered.

Allah Claims Ownership

Allah explains in the Quran He revealed the Quran to Muhammad ﷺ He went even further explaining the purpose of the Quran.

“This is a blessed book which we have revealed to you (O Muhammad), that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded…” [Noble Quran 38:29]

Take advantage of the free road map to life your Creator has provided. You’ll unlock the secret to living peacefully, as well as gain keys to self-improvement. Plus, you’ll learn about the scientific miracles surrounding you. The Quran is truly a treasure chest of useful information just waiting to be applied.

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