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Dear Atheist: The Proof That God Exists is Within You

Atheist Proof That God Exists

Are There Proofs That God Exists?

Dear Atheist,

Did you know that all living creatures are programmed with all their functions before their existence and all creatures cannot exist without this prior programming?

Imagine I give you a “Big Book” and in this book all of your description with explicit details and a complete program of your function, like your height, the color of your eyes, the kind of hair you have, and how much protein needed for each organ system.

In this book, laws that governs all your organ system, how fast and how slow your heart rate, the conduction speed of your nerves, when and where to adjust your blood pressure, when to secrete one of many hormones that facilitate many of your body functions and which glands and which target cells to activate.

In this book, a complete system to when to manufacture blood, how to facilitate the intake of oxygen, how to deliver oxygen to the cells, what chemical reactions need to take place, how to digest food, which enzymes needed to be secreted, when and what wastes your body does not need.

In this book, a guide to all your body emergent situation, how your body reacts to bleeding with vasoconstriction of the vessels producing clotting factors, and manufacturing new blood, redirecting the flow of blood to important organs like your brain. In it, a complex system of how the heart and the blood vessels adjust to low and high blood pressure, how to secrete hormones that make you adapt to situations of fear.

In this book, a complete chapter in how to prepare and react in “situations of severe illness”.

In this book, exist complete instructions of how to manufacture defense bodies like IGM, which is our first line antibody to fight against new infections. It is not the only one, but our body has different guns for different attacks like IGG, IGE, and IGA.

In this book, a complete and detailed mechanism of aging, when your heart arteries start narrowing gradually, when your brain cells start to die and when you become forgetful, when your skin start to wrinkle, and when you start to have grey hair. All of this in this book.

What’s even more interesting, all this information is coded, and scientists have to decode this information.

After mentioning all of this, does anyone even doubt the One who created this book is All-Knowing, All-Wise and Almighty?

Do you know that all the living creatures in this earth have the same book where all their information is coded in the same way and this is a condition to be alive for all living creatures?

This book that has this coded information is our genetics and no living creature exists without it.

This is the reason that made the famous scientist, a former atheist named Dr. Francis Collins who lead The Human Genome Project, to think and ponder of the magnificence of the creation of the human genome. After his discoveries, he wrote the book “The Language of God”.

Do you know that this book or rather an encyclopaedia that has the human genome is equal to 1000 books, and each book is 500 pages, coded in three billion letters, found in the size of a 1/1000 millimetre, coiled around itself 1000 times in a nucleus of the cell?

This sea of information is very small, almost equal to the size of a needle’s head and yet, this information need a huge amount of storage to store it. You need one billion 4gb flash drive to store it. All this information is coded in 4 letters C, G, T, A. All those three billion letters are arranged accurately and precisely without mistakes.

Our Lord says:

“He is Allah, the Creator, the Inventor, the Fashioner; to Him belong the best names. Whatever is in the heavens and earth is exalting Him. And He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.” [Noble Quran 59:24]

But unfortunately, we love to argue, and that’s why our Lord said:

“but man has ever been, most of anything, [prone to] dispute.” [Noble Quran 18:54]

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